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How to Avoid Failure: Qualities of a Successful Leader
  • DATE:Tuesday
  • TIME:04:30-06:00 PM
  •   General
  •   Leadership/Management
  •   Professionalism (including Ethics)
  • AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™: 1.5
  • ARRT Category A+ Credit: 1.5
  • General
  • Leadership/Management
  • Professionalism (including Ethics)
  • Academy of Radiology Leadership and Management Programming
  • Virtual Meeting

1) Develop an understanding of the essential traits and skills required for a leader to be successful, ie traits and states. 2) Develop an understanding of the common errors made by leaders in academic and private practices enabling the attendee to obtain the ʽlearnings' without the 'lumps. 3) Acquire the skills of succession planning needed to ensure that the success of your organization is sustainable over time and leadership transitions. (This course is part of the Leadership Track)
Developing or continuing success within an organization is very dependent on the efforts and skills of leadership at all levels. Leadership is critical for all aspects of operational activities, including mission and goal setting, operational activities, outcome assessments, and communications within and external to the organization. The training to obtaint hese skill sets is inadequate in medical school and radiology residency, and most leaders, particularly at early levels of responsibility, develop these traits through either observing others or through trial and error experiences. This course will present an overview of the 'traits and states' that one needs to be aware in managing organizations, followed by specific key points to avoid failure whether one is in a university or community setting. The emphasis will be on helpful practical tips to avoid states or traits that frequently are associated with bad outcomes for an organization and/or the involved leaders. Lastly, a commonly overlooked component of effective leadership is succession planning.  A top priority, it will insure that the strong organization the leader works hard to create will stand the test of time.
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RC432A  Traits and States: Management versus Leadership
RC432B  Keys to Avoid Failure: Key Qualities of a Successful Leader
RC432C  Seamless Transitions: The Importance of Leadership Succession Planning

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